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custom and specialty heavy gauge hinge manufacturer

Velko Hinge, Inc.

You design the hinge,we design the tooling.

We will help you transform your idea into a product.

Our Facility
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Velko Hinge, Inc.

Is a manufacturer that specializes in custom and specialty heavy gauge hinges for all industries.

Our Capabilities

Velko Hinge, Inc. is a Manufacturer that Specializes in Custom and Specialty Heavy Gauge Hinges for All Industries

You design the hinge.

We take pride in customizing our hinges to meet our client's needs. Give us your prints, drawings, or sketches.

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We design the tooling.

We feature a range from light to heavy gauge hinges to accommodate your requirements, and we can customize our hinges to your specifications.


We will help you transform your idea into a product.

We manufacture custom hinges in a wide variety of lengths, finishes, and metals, depending on the type of hinge and material you need.


Put us to work for you.

See our range of hinges, or contact us with your design.

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Our History

Our Beginning

Our founder, Jerry Vellekoop, started Velko Tool & Die in 1969. Located in a rented 200 square-foot space in a parts manufacturing facility in South Holland, IL, Velko built dies for various applications, including hinges.


custom hinge manufacturer

Plant Expansion

Velko Tool & Die soon outgrew the South Holland space, due to increased demand, and Velko's purchasing more tooling equipment and presses to pursue continuous hinge manufacturing. The new plant, located in Lansing, IL, expanded from 5000 square feet to 8000 square feet during its operation from 1974-1980. In 1976, the company changed its name to Velko Hinge, Inc.


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Continued Growth

Velko Hinge Inc. continued to grow, and soon the Lansing facility also became too small to keep up with demand. A new production plant was built in Munster, IN, providing a more favorable business climate for costs and building opportunity.


specialty hinge manufacturer

New Facility

We moved into our current facility in Munster, IN in January 1981. In 1984, an addition to the current building expanded our production area.


custom and specialty hinge manufacturer

Warehouse Expansion

A 10,000 square foot addition was added to the original building for warehousing raw materials and inventory. In the 1990s, Velko Hinge Inc. became a leading continuous hinge manufacturer, and we continue to be, both in the United States and globally.


custom hinges

manufacture continuous, butt, slip joint, flag and military hinges

We manufacture continuous, butt, slip joint, flag and military hinges.

We ship products worldwide.

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